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Stone Slate Mini Axe Making

Learn how to shape slate into an axe head. Then, with expert guidance, you’ll attach and bind it to a piece of wood to craft your very own mini primitive axe. It’s a chance to connect with history and discover how our ancestors relied on nature as their ultimate hardware store. Unleash your creativity and […]

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STEAM Co. Rocket Workshop

Imagine a world without music. You’ll need to get to Planet Disco, but first, you’ll need to build and fire a rocket. Get it right and you’ll clear the earth’s gravitational pull and get on your way. Get it wrong and fear the worst, you’ll be stranded on Earth while everyone else is at the […]

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Become a Dinosaur Ranger

During this captivating experience, each child will be personally guided by our team of professional Dinosaur Rangers. These knowledgeable experts are passionate about sharing their love for dinosaurs and ensuring that every young explorer gains a deep understanding of these magnificent creatures. The Dino Explorer Adventure is designed to be both fun and educational. Our […]

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Spear Making

A girl just about to throw a spear while the instructor watches

It’s not all brawn and intricate knife skills at the hugely expanded spear-making workshop. Cut, customise and harden your spear tip in the coals, before testing it and taking it away! It’s massively popular every year. […]

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A commando teaches a group of children how to make a fire

During our Commando Experience participants learn the basics of fire making and fire safety before working in teams to create their own supervised and controlled fire. This activity has proved to be a massive hit with all age groups. […]

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Master Class in Primitive Fire Making

Rubbing sticks together may seem simple, but it’s a skill that connects us to our ancestors in a profound way. Fire is more than just warmth and light – it’s community, tribe and connection. We encourage families to come together and share in this unforgettable experience, but individuals are welcome too. Don’t miss your chance […]

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Science Lab Adventures

An adult scientist and some children conduct fun experiments

Join Devon Science for a fun and hands-on Chemistry Lab Adventures Science workshop. In this 60-minute workshop, first there will be an interactive science show demonstrating awesome chemical experiments, such as the Genie, Elephant Toothpaste, CO2 rockets & various other wow, gross, and how-did-that-happen experiments! When the show is finished, the youngsters will be invited […]

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The Brave Little Neuron Science Programme

Did you know that during your lifetimes, your brain grows from one cell to 85 billion?! Join our troupe of Neuroscientists from King’s College London as they put a very specific spin on classic pantomime and teach us how our brains develop from one little cell into our amazing brain. In this scientific pantomime adventure […]

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Attraction Lab

Forget love at first sight, what about love at first sniff? Take part in a series of sensory adventures based on scientific research in psychology, sociology and neuroscience as we deconstruct dating and analyse attraction and attempt to uncover how you really choose a lover. You’ll discover what the smell of sweat tells us about […]

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