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Attraction Lab

Forget love at first sight, what about love at first sniff? Take part in a series of sensory adventures based on scientific research in psychology, sociology and neuroscience as we deconstruct dating and analyse attraction and attempt to uncover how you really choose a lover. You’ll discover what the smell of sweat tells us about […]

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Things We Know We Don’t Know

How do we count the number of fish in our oceans? Can we ever truly know if an animal has gone extinct? And how on earth can zoologists and other scientists work around the things we know we don’t know? Join Zoologist Hana Ayoob and Phil Bell Young as they delve into the great unknowns, […]

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Ocean Fossils Workshop

Get hands on experience on how fossils are formed as marine scientist Claudia Allen and Dr Stephanie Sargeant teach you how to cast your own ocean fossil to take home! […]

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Incredible Oceans – Microscopy Artwork

Using handheld microscopes, let scientists Claudia Allen and Dr Stephanie Sargeant guide you through some amazing miniature creatures and structures, as you’re invited to record your findings like Robert Hooke, the inventor of the microscope. […]

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Bedtime Story Session with Incredible Oceans

Join Marine Biologist Claudia Allen as she narrates The Ocean Is My Home; a story about Jake, a plucky sea turtle that helps scientists find out more about the world’s ocean. Free copy of The Ocean is my Home included (limited to 50 copies on a first come, first served basis) […]

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Seaside Science Showdown with Dr Khalil Thirlaway

Come along for a unique storytelling show using the roleplaying game Dungeons and Dragons. Our heroes are ready for a lovely day at the beach, but something’s amiss among the sand and sea…. Expect plenty of adventure, a sprinkling of chaos and lots of science and nature facts along the way. Hosted by Dungeon Master […]

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Pelagic Pilates with Incredible Oceans

Come and experience Pelagic Pilates and exercise your mind and body like you never have before. As marine mammaologist and Pilates instructor, Claudia Allen guides you through poses, marine scientist Dr Stephanie Sargeant will link each movement to an ocean fact, exploring what happens to the human body as we jounrey into the depth. Why […]

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Brainiac Astronaut Academy

Join the Brainiacs, immerse yourself in the Mission to Mars and see if you can be the ultimate Brainiac Astronaut! It’s 2037 and the Brainiac Team are ready to explore new worlds and the red planet but need your help to design, build and launch you very own rocket. This hugely entertaining, 60-minute hands-on immersive […]

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Sarah Huntley Q&A Performance Psychology

Come and meet the brilliant Sarah Huntley, podcast host, performance psychologist, Wim Hof Instructor. Sarah has spent the last 10 years working with elite athletes to improve their mental game as well as mentoring ambitious entrepreneurs to create six-figure businesses. Through interactive Wim Hof Method and Performance Psychology workshops, Sarah will work with you to […]

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