Wim Hof Workshops

Conquer your personal mountain with the Wim Hof Method The Wim Hof Method will push your boundaries, taking you to a place you never imagined, restoring what modern life takes away. Using a combination of breath work, ice baths and commitment, the Wim Hof Method will take your awareness and nervous system to a place you have never experienced and leave you a better version of yourself. Whether we realise it or not, the modern world and the way we live in it often takes more than it gives. Leaving us stressed, anxious and with a nervous system that is running on high alert. The Wim Hof Method offers an opportunity to reset the balance. Clearing your mind, resetting your body, and balancing your nervous systems. It helps return us to our natural state of being, leaving us happy, healthy, and strong. Led by Wim Hof instructor Sara Dance
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