Knight School: Learn Medieval Sword Fighting

To arms! Create lasting memories and experience being a true knight with Get Medieval's Knight School. Master stances, hone footwork, learn advanced strikes, practice parries and prepare counter-attacks and by the end you'll have gone from squire to knight. Get Medieval brings medieval history into the 21st century using safe, modern equipment, and combining it with the historical techniques and etiquette of medieval sword fighting. Participants will be guided through an experience that will hone and test their skills in a safe, fun, and active environment. Then, put those skills into action through duels, all vs. alls, and team fights. Sessions are designed and led by instructors with a passion for history and experience in competitive sword fighting ensuring everyone comes away with confidence and may even learn a little history too. Stick around after your session and witness fully armoured knights battle it out for your enjoyment. Watch the skills you've learned be put to use in a high-octane test of steel. Want a picture to remember? Our knights will be hanging around for photo opportunities. Get involved and make some truly historic memories. Get Together. Get Active. Get Medieval.