Become a Dinosaur Ranger

During this captivating experience, each child will be personally guided by our team of professional Dinosaur Rangers. These knowledgeable experts are passionate about sharing their love for dinosaurs and ensuring that every young explorer gains a deep understanding of these magnificent creatures. The Dino Explorer Adventure is designed to be both fun and educational. Our professional Dinosaur Rangers will engage with the children through interactive lessons, fascinating stories, and hands-on activities. From uncovering ancient fossils to learning about the diverse species that once roamed the Earth, every moment is carefully crafted to captivate young minds and spark their curiosity. As a special highlight, each child will have the unique opportunity to release one of our large walking raptors from their enclosure. Under the expert guidance of our Rangers, they'll learn the art of training these awe-inspiring creatures. Those who successfully complete this thrilling task will be honoured with the amazing title of Dinosaur Ranger—a special recognition for their bravery and newfound knowledge. With limited availability, this exclusive opportunity allows for personalized attention, ensuring that each child receives a unique and enriching experience. Make your child's festival adventure truly extraordinary with the Dino Explorer Adventure—a delightful blend of education, entertainment, and unforgettable memories!