Battle Blaster Area – Nerf

Get ready for adrenaline-charged battles at your Gone WIld! Armed with Nerf blasters,you'll dive behind an inflatable cover, strategize, and aim for foam glory. All ages welcome—whether you’re a sharpshooter or a foam-flinging novice. Let the Nerf Wars begin! • Action-Packed Mayhem: Picture this—your guests, armed with Nerf blasters, diving behind inflatable cover, strategizing like seasoned commandos. It’s like Call of Duty, but with a foam twist! • All Ages, All Thrills: From kids to adults, everyone can join the foam frenzy. Whether you’re a sharpshooter or a foam-flinging novice, Nerf Gun Wars levels the playing field. • Last Blaster Standing: The stakes are high! Who’ll emerge as the ultimate foam warrior? Watch as competitors dodge, duck, and dive, aiming for foam glory.