Axe Throwing

An experience promising pure satisfaction. Feel the rugged power of our axes in your grasp. That's right – you're about to hurl an axe. This isn't about brute force; it's a true test of accuracy and skill, akin to the finesse of dart throwing, but way more awesome. Following a brisk safety briefing, our seasoned axe-throwing maestros will mentor you to sink those axes with the finesse of a pro. After mastering the technique through five practice throws, brace yourself for the grand finale – the golden axe throw. It's a showdown of precision, a bullseye battle to determine who earns the prestigious title of axe-throwing champion. Please note: Minimum height for tomahawks is 145cm, and for angel axes, it's 125cm. Closed-toed shoes are a must for this wild adventure. Get ready to unleash your inner warrior!