Anatomical Life Drawing – The Cardiovascular System

From the heart to the smallest vessels in your body, this amazing system provides our body with the oxygen and nutrients it needs to do a great job. Come to the Guerilla Science tent to discover how this vital system works, how it changes to meet our needs and why tugging on someone’s heartstrings, isn’t the best idea! This session will be led by Dr Siobhan Moyes who has been Lead in Anatomy at the Peninsula Medical School for over 11 years, pioneering the use of virtual dissection in the cadaver-free anatomy curriculum. Siobhan is a self-certified anatomy geek and will happily talk for hours about the wealth of diversity and individuality in the human body. In fact, she leads international research on increasing diversity and representation in anatomy teaching and has collaborated with the industry to improve representation in anatomical models and anatomy virtual platforms. Guiding the life drawing will be Hayley Dawn Hill- a painter, illustrator, maker, mover, performer and facilitator. Hayley is a multi-disciplined artist based in London. She loves to facilitate workshops that are accessible for all, no matter your skill level, with the aim to connect and be creative. Our bodies are amazing and if you would like to know more, please join us at the Anatomical Life Drawing sessions. All materials provided.